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A Charmed Legacy

In the beginning of the world, a spiritual, mystical energy ran through all things, its source of
great magic capable of making one powerful beyond belief. This source was known as The
All. It had the power to change destinies. And change it did. The first witch had long
ago tapped into this immense source of energy, sharing it with her mate, and they became
immortal because of it, imbued with more power than any human being had a right to have.

Now fast-forwarding through time, there are many lineages of families and other magical
beings who have a piece of The All within them, albeit smaller and weaker than what it had
been but still there nonetheless. Sometimes the magic may skip a generation or two, other
times not.

But regardless, magic is an intricate part of the world and those who can wield it in any shape
or form are part of an eternal legacy that will last throughout the eons. And there are many
who walk amongst the regular everyday mortals whom can claim some sort of magical
heritage, tracing their roots all the way back to the one who started it all--The First Witch.

What tales will unfold or have already unfolded in a setting such as this? There are many
possibilities here in all corners of the world and beyond. Enter into the world of Charmed
where anything can happen—good or bad, light or dark, holy or vile.

The Charmed-verse awaits those who seek to enter its enchanted pages...

Set in the supernatural, magical world of Charmed, this game features an alternate universe
(AU) approach to it. You are allowed to play any original character of your choosing that fits
into the generic universe of the Charmed setting, with no emphasis on a particular time, place
or plot. Anything that can be found in the Charmed-verse is highly encouraged, whether that
be Witches, Warlocks, Darklighters, Whitelighters, Gypsies, and more.

While this game is based on the Charmed universe and features the same mythology and terminology, it will not contain nor mention any canon characters or events. It is a 100% alternate universe.

Original characters ONLY.

What tales will YOU tell here?

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